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From MarketWatch:

Consider these 5 things before you convert your IRA to a Roth IRA: There’s a lot of debate about when it makes sense to invest in a traditional or Roth IRA. A conversion could also make sense, but think about these factors first. 

You just retired and your target-date fund has plunged. What do you do now?: Investments across sectors are not performing well thanks to market volatility, but some investors may be more worried than others. 

How does retiring early impact Social Security benefits?: Leaving the workforce early may sound like a great idea, but consider its impact on Social Security later in life. 

Also on MarketWatch:

‘People who appreciate and value their freedom do not stay quiet.’ Observing the war from afar, Ukrainians and Russians here in the U.S. recall life under Soviet rule 

Why all of this bearishness could actually be great news 

‘Who is going to take care of you when you’re old?’ Childfree retirement planning answers the questions all of us should be asking 

How inflation could help us save money – and the planet 

‘This isn’t just gonna go away’: Long COVID is crashing the retirement hopes of many Americans 

The cost of retiree healthcare is climbing – here’s what you should expect to spend 

I pay $2,164 a year in retirement account fees – one month’s worth of contributions – should I leave one of the plans for an IRA instead? 

More in retirement news:

‘I had to go back’: Over 55, and not retired after all (The New York Times)

Accountant retires on cruise ships to avoid cost of land living (The Washington Post

Support for access to retirement savings program in Utah (AARP

 How to manage your money after you retire (Bankrate)

‘The Bay Boomer Dilemma’ documentary exposes America’s failed retirement experiment (Forbes)

Research and Insight:

Empty-nesters aren’t saving for retirement like they promised. That’s a problem. (Barron’s)

4% spending rule no longer works thanks to inflation (USA Today)

Expanding on the Retirement Saver’s Credit (PlanSponsor)

Why accessible benefits programs matter (National Association of Plan Advisors)

Definition of retirement is changing, but still few are prepared for it: study (McKnights Senior Living)

Explaining Social Security’s earnings test (Center for Retirement Research at Boston College)

To share with your family, friends and clients:

We are looking for a balance between culture, dining and wilderness in areas with homes for $300,000 – so where should we retire? 

Aging alone? You might need to learn to let go of some old traditions

Americans are still saving for retirement – and becoming 401(k) millionaires

I was a circus clown. Here are 10 things it taught me about life. 

The SEC has taken the first step toward undermining 401(k) plan fiduciaries 

How retirement coaches are training people to make one of life’s trickiest transitions

‘I needed something to do’: How working in retirement is being embraced by older adults and companies 

‘This is a daunting time to retire’: In the age of inflation, there are steps you can take to deal with higher prices 

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