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Personal Finance Daily: Travelers are hitting the road this Memorial Day Weekend but will pay more for airfares and gas and Americans have bet $125 billion on sports in the past four years


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‘All kinds of stories and explanations are popping up’: My brother moved in with our mother after our father died in 2015, and transferred family property into his name

‘They no longer live in it and the property has gone into disrepair at this point.’ Read More

‘Summer travel isn’t just heating up, it will be on fire’: More travelers are hitting the road this Memorial Day Weekend, but will pay more for airfares and gas prices

Gas prices reached a new record the same day AAA announced its projections. Read More

Americans have bet $125 billion on sports in the past four years as legalization push continues

Since 2018, betting changed from a taboo topic on sports television to the open discussion of gambling odds during halftime shows Read More

The 2022 Honda CR-V hybrid vs. the Toyota RAV4 hybrid—which is better?

They’re both top choices in the compact SUV segment, with even better fuel economy as hybrids. Which one is right for you? Read More

How to choose and maximize the benefits at your new job

Should you fund an HSA? How should you deal with company stock? Should you max out a 401(k)? Learn about these benefits to set yourself up for success. Read More

You may finally be able to get drinks on flights again

Early on in the pandemic, many airlines cut in-flight refreshment offerings. Slowly but surely, they are reintroducing the amenity. Read More

‘Celebrating that your job gets to live in your house rent-free’: Remote work has fueled U.S. house prices during the pandemic — so what happens when people return to the office?

‘Our results also imply that the future path of housing costs may depend critically on the path of remote work,’ two economists wrote in a new paper. Read More

‘This is the only grocery store in a three- to five-mile radius’: Buffalo supermarket shooting made a ‘food desert’ in a Black neighborhood even worse.

In ‘food deserts’ residents have little access to fresh, healthy and affordable food. They exist due to ‘economics and bias,’ an anti-hunger advocate said. Read More

‘Millions of families struggle to keep roofs over their heads’: Biden administration has a plan to tackle America’s housing shortage — but will it be enough?

The U.S. desperately needs more affordable housing to meet demand and lower costs amid inflation. The Biden administration has a few ideas. Read More

Neil deGrasse Tyson calls blood moon ‘unspectacular,’ but many lunar eclipse viewers disagree

A glowing red ‘blood moon’ full lunar eclipse captured the world’s attention — except for one television astronomer who’s seen it all before. Read More

Earnings Results: Doximity stock plummets after forecast, heads lower than IPO price for first time

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