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Personal Finance Daily: Today’s young people face a longer, harder road to a good job than the last generation did and the national median rent looks set to surpass $2,000 this summer


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How old were you when you finally got a ‘good’ job? Today’s young people face a longer, harder road to that goal than the last generation did

The more difficult path to ‘good’ jobs has long term implications for economic well-being Read More

‘Perfect storm of supply and demand’: Rents continue to soar. The national median rent looks set to surpass $2,000 this summer.

A new report from shows the median rent hit $1,827 in April, the 14th straight month of consecutive highs. Read More

Landlords don’t have to disclose utility bill costs in rental listings — here’s why that should change

Renters were willing to pay 1.8% more in monthly rent for a more energy-efficient apartment, the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy found. Read More

Here’s why more employers are dropping college degree requirements

Economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic has created the tightest labor market in decades, so employers have had to widen their searches. Read More

More U.S. subprime borrowers are missing loan payments

Consumers with low credit scores are falling behind on payments for car loans, personal loans and credit cards, a sign that the healthiest consumer lending environment on record in the U.S. is coming to an end. Read More

You might insist that an investment adviser have years of experience, but be open to mid-career newcomers with non-financial backgrounds.

Diverse work history can be helpful in meaningful ways. Read More

Three lessons from Warren Buffett worth paying attention to right now

Here’s what you can learn from the investing guru about inflation, index funds and value investing, and what you can do today to shore your financial portfolio. Read More

Is a graduate degree worth it? Fewer employers are requiring them; here are the pros and cons.

More college graduates than ever hold advanced degrees today, but in a tight labor market, employers aren’t requiring graduate degrees as often. Read More

How racist policies and segregation marginalized Buffalo’s Black communities: ‘An entire generation saw little if any improvements in their lives’

In the aftermath of the Buffalo shooting massacre that killed 10 Black people, the city’s stark redlining of neighborhoods is being scrutinized. Read More

I’ve had crazy swings in my investments this year. What’s the tax impact ?

Keep your wits about you, and watch out for the ‘wash sale’ rule. Read More

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