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Personal Finance Daily: IRS audit rates keep dropping and FTC warns baby-formula scammers are ‘exploiting’ family fears over shortage


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Teen killer serving life sentence charged with running $2 million COVID relief scam from behind bars

Natalie Le DeMola is accused of stealing identities of inmates and others to make fraudulent unemployment claims. Read More

‘There cannot be one tax system for the wealthy and one for everyone else’: IRS audit rates keep dropping — especially for the rich

Overall audit rates have fallen to 0.25% from 0.9% from tax year 2010 to 2019, according to a new report from the Government Accountability Office. Read More

FTC warns baby-formula scammers are ‘exploiting’ family fears over shortage, says they have ‘sunk to new lows’

The federal agency cautioned parents desperate for formula to think twice before buying from unfamiliar sources. Read More

Taylor Swift’s career advice for the NYU Class of 2022: Shake it off, but show your boss enthusiasm

The singer noted she hires those who ‘want it the most’ during her address, but suggested that grads let go of the mistakes holding them back Read More

Desperate for baby formula, low-income families struggle with government’s nutritional-aid program: ‘You call the doctor’s office for your son, and they can’t help you’

Doctors and institutions are pointing to WIC as a way to help parents to secure baby formula, but some parents report that it didn’t help. Read More

Is it better to finance a car or lease it? How to decide.

How do you know which situation is better for your long-term financial goals? To help you answer that question, here are five things to consider. Read More

Seven financial influencers on saving, inflation, and starting your own business.

In honor of Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage month, 7 financial influencers share tips for dealing with inflation, rising gas prices and entrepreneurship. Read More

‘I partially support my partner of 12 years as his business is, sadly, failing’: I’m 33, and have $300,000 in company stock. Should I sell those shares to pay off my debt of $56,000?

‘I realize I will have to pay some fairly large taxes due to the gains on the stock, so I need to factor that into the sale as well.’ Read More

‘All kinds of stories and explanations are popping up’: My brother moved in with our mother after our father died in 2015, and transferred family property into his name

‘They no longer live in it and the property has gone into disrepair at this point.’ Read More

‘Summer travel isn’t just heating up, it will be on fire’: More travelers are hitting the road this Memorial Day Weekend, but will pay more for airfares and gas prices

Gas prices reached a new record the same day AAA announced its projections. Read More

: Under Armour CEO Patrik Frisk steps down after two-plus years

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