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Personal Finance Daily: Buffalo supermarket shooting made a ‘food desert’ in a Black area even worse and Biden has a plan to tackle America’s housing shortage — but will it be enough?


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Buffalo supermarket shooting made a ‘food desert’ in a Black neighborhood even worse

Food deserts ‘exist for two reasons: economics and bias,’ an anti-hunger advocate said. Read More

‘Millions of families struggle to keep roofs over their heads’: Biden administration has a plan to tackle America’s housing shortage — but will it be enough?

The U.S. desperately needs more affordable housing to meet demand and lower costs amid inflation. The Biden administration has a few ideas. Read More

Neil deGrasse Tyson calls blood moon ‘unspectacular,’ but many lunar eclipse viewers disagree

A glowing red ‘blood moon’ full lunar eclipse captured the world’s attention — except for one television astronomer who’s seen it all before. Read More

This pre-retiree was just terminated at work — is it worth paying off the mortgage with the severance money?

That severance money can be used in different ways — find out about all the options before making a decision. Read More

Tesla loses some footing among luxury car shoppers

More luxury vehicle shoppers are eyeing BMWs and Cadillacs, according to a consumer perception survey . Read More

VW taps into the nostalgia trend with plans to resurrect the Scout, this time as an EV

Volkswagen still owns the rights to the International Harvester name and its legacy of early SUVs. Read More

Is flying cheaper than driving with these gas prices? It depends.

Travel prices will rise with oil prices this summer, but generally high fuel prices affect the cost of air travel less than road trips, with a few exceptions. Read More

Buying a home and worried about wildfires? There’s a free tool to check your risk

First Street Foundation and add a wildfire feature to already searchable flood data on their updated Risk Factor tool. Read More

‘It’s a real source of stress’: My friend, 67, asked a trustworthy nephew to be his executor, but he has not made time for him in 2 years — even to sign papers

‘There are no other living relatives.’ Read More

‘It’s pure panic’: Florida parents of twins spent more than 4 hours driving to find baby formula

Amid a nationwide shortage of baby formula, President Joe Biden says ‘there’s nothing more urgent we’re working on.’ Read More

: Abbott, FDA reach deal to resume making baby formula at U.S. plant amid shortage

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